James was great, I highly recommend him as a coach!”

– Olga 37, School Principal

"Absolutely fantastic and very enjoyable. James is an intelligent and patient listener and has a gift for understanding and reflecting back your thoughts in a gentle way. I enjoyed answering his thoughtful questions and exploring areas of my life in conversation with him. Hearing my ideas and feelings reflected back to me was extremely helpful and impactful for insight and breakthrough. If you are stuck somehow in getting to a goal, or if you are wanting to examine and understand some area of your life with an empathetic and thoughtful listener, you have found the right person for helping you gain insight and move forward in a life-changing way."

Linda 43, Home Maker

"James was a joy to talk to! He helped me clarify my goals and values, and helped me devise a realistic plan to accomplishing them. He followed up with me periodically and helped inspire me in my progression to reach my full potential. If you can, definitely invest in your future and in yourself by booking a session with James today!"

Lee Ann 26, Creative Director

"James is an amazing guy to work with! Every week I get coaching sessions from him and it helped me TREMENDOUSLY. He listens very well and guides you towards accomplish the objectives and goals you have set. In the first few weeks I accomplished more than I had accomplished in the previous 12 months. James is also very knowledgable regarding nutrition, so if you have any questions regarding that, he is your man! Best life coach and health coach i've ever met! Thank you so much James for the positive impact in my life!"

Dion 29, Entrepreneur

"James is a good hearted coach with a lot of experience and skill. He has a structured approach combined with deep listening and non-judgement which is a great combination. We worked on my blockages around health, exercise and energy and found some answers in my family relationships as well as my own psychology which I found insightful. He really gets to the psychological root of the issue. Highly recommended!"

Ronal 38, Asset Manager

"Before stumbling upon James' service I did go to another practitioner who wasn't as committed as James. He listens carefully and brings up careful observations you might have not thought about. Ever since I started, decisions were made and I'm on a path to reaching my goals, one week at a time, all thanks to challenges and the power of understanding the clogs in one's belief system. Connecting with James has been one of my best decisions this year!"

Carlos 26, Digital Marketer

"I have had the pleasure to be coached by James in an ongoing capacity during 2022. James is engaging, deeply curious, intuitive and an excellent listener. I have found him to be very insightful in all our coaching conversations. As a small business owner, I have found working with James to be an integral and enjoyable component of my professional and business development. I have gained greater clarity and deeper insight in all areas for change and exploration I have brought to our coaching sessions. I look forward to continuing our coaching journey."

Leanne 39, Personal Development Coach

"I really enjoy working with James. You know that you have a really good coach when you start seeing progress as soon as you start work with someone, and that's what I have seen. For me it's not what he said or asked, but rather how the interactions that I had with him helped me to improve my life day after day, and I am grateful for that."

Jeff 42, Digital Marketer

"James is absolutely an amazing coach. Worth far more than he is charging. I interviewed three coaches before selecting him and I'm glad I did. I was looking for someone I could work with long term and James is it. He has an organized yet flexible approach that just works. Highly recommended."

AJ 42, Hospital Nurse

Still not convinced?

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James King Life Coach Gloucestershire

Meet James.

As a certified life and career coach, James brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, offering personalised and comprehensive support to clients on their journey towards fulfilling their potential. James has a passion for helping others and takes a holistic approach to coaching; combining support and accountability with a deep understanding of individual needs and goals.

Whether you are looking to progress in your career, find your direction in life or regain your confidence, James is here to guide you every step of the way. Take control of your life and invest in your future with James as your coach.

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